before and far

from by ELDAFYRE

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What is the feeling that you get when you dance amongst the rain?
Is it all just about the feelings inside when we do the things we like?
Like dancing in the rain when people are not watching you dance
Like covering yourself with all the things...

That make... you more alive... and the more you live...
The more you strive... and more you strive... the more I sing.

I’ve got many fond memories of trees and, the sun
And the flowers that it brings
Many fond memories of love and light and dancing through the night

Now that we can see the stars, shinning above our minds tonight
The light falling down to the ground, sparkling along the way
Pushing our fingers into the sand,
Without realising or figuring in our minds, it’s just glass

We have been around for just as long as you
Doing our thing, peaceful love, amongst the trees and birds
the same as you
For as long as we can know we have grown amongst ourselves,
Some apart and some together in peaceful harmony... you’ll find
You’ll find if you try to look inside you can follow the wrong path
You’ll find if you look into the same signs that you can see the road

It’s all up to you and what you decide to do
It’s all up to what you decide that you want to do

We can learn from the past we can, we can learn from the past
We know not from the future now, the cause is always the same?
Nothing has moved forward, nothing has moved behind
It’s only changed, only changed our minds
changed in the way that we do it
We do it ohhh we do it now yeah... the bad and the good
But nothing has changed *3
But the times that we do it, but how we approach it
and how we project it, onto others
Oh it’s all the same, I see
I’ve read some books and watched some movies on YouTube

it’s the same old book *3
Might be a different title on the cover, different pictures on the pages
Be we are the same old book, Im the same old book


from Islands in mind, track released May 4, 2017



all rights reserved


ELDAFYRE Gold Coast, Australia

i am also writing a book and have artistic photography for sale.. see links for details.. enjoy :)

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