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Every song in this album was written by Eldafyre in one evening in February. Recorded to a 6 piece band...

In an effort to promote my musical art, all my hard work and artistic talent will be completely free. In return all I ask is that you help me by liking and rating my Facebook page. Following my Spotify account and sharing my YouTube videos everywhere you can. Thank you

*** These files are also in (wave) format. The best available anywhere else on the internet ***

00:00 (01) - welcome around
04:45 (02) - another wholesome night
09:13 (03) - the evening came together
18:25 (04) - * where connection bonds
26:57 (05) - phat lines down
32:41 (06) - long pause
42:07 (07) - a last goodbye


released June 24, 2016

Produced by simon moro – ninety nine 100
@ Allen Eaton Studio P/L

All original songs created and performed
Vocals by Marc Cottrell (ELDAFYRE)

Drums – Gerry Pantazis
Bass – Craig Newman
Keys – Phil Turcio
Guitar – Brett Garsed

Sax – Stephen Byth
Trumpet – Ben Harrison



all rights reserved


ELDAFYRE Gold Coast, Australia

i am also writing a book and have artistic photography for sale.. see links for details.. enjoy :)

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Track Name: welcome around
Lucky that you’re in the scene / this ain’t like mine
It’s nothing like you / Like you’ve ever felt / heard it once before
Why do you come inside? / give me one thing, one thing
For the other times / is it just for yourself
Or is it for one other, of those guys? / That you seem to like
Is it for the one, one other time i know?
Is it just for you, for you / just to get it on another time again

Just like those other guys / they run up just to see you
They come up from town to / to get a hand from the other side
They come up down there / give up one more try
They came up for you now

Some other time I suppose / it’s coming on, I little slower now
So maybe you’re going through / one other time I know
Just like you will see it go / one other light, I need you to see it
For my, for my life / is it the way it goes?
Just one for the times / one other light ill see it
One other time it goes / down just a little more down
From all of the hit and run / down just a little more down
All the way from all the times

Watch out and listen / here it goes down just to see it alight
Watch out and listen / here lies for another time
Trying for the bright side... a little more

So don’t be so, lazy now, it’s easy, from all the light now
And all the thieves in the middle / from all the mines in the night
And then lay low, and then lay low, from the night, from the night
Track Name: another wholesome night
Thank, light. It’s a peaceful night / it’s the peaceful times I need.
Oh now it’s a meaningful blissful night / It’s a wholesome night
hold me now
It’s a wholesome night

Golden oh night I needed it / Oh it’s a golden night I needed
A golden night I needed

Only one other time I know now / it’s a golden night
So would ya, be so kind *3 just to see it through
See my night through now / one spoken line / one for the road
It’s a decent light / when a golden, night can be so kind
For all of you people and your human kindness

Easy now, its wholesome night *3

Ey now it’s an old, simple night/ Oh and its easy goin now
Oh and it’s so good to see you all tonight

So hold me tonight / As I’ve seen you do it sometimes
Holding me down... / Kiss me under moonlight

And I’m going to live in this, night

Hold me tonight / Just one more time for you to joke *2
And just ride / one time for me *2 time for me / One time in the night
That I’m moving, that I like, that I know, will be, mine
Track Name: the evening came together
Like I need, just another sickened hopeless passing other swine for mine
Like I needed, another second thought of loosing father
throws another whistle
Like I needed, just another lasting chosen son, to hold the lines,
Another growing piece of kindness, a spoken love, for another
Like I needed, just another will to focus on
Every time you spoke there’s a wall broken and I weep to peace

Just another, broken baby, just another will to crack in and fold to rolling in line / Will you be so kind, to give another will to focus on light?
It’s just a rose *2 / it’s just another light, for you to find
Just another, another rose, just another rose for you to find
Just another, another light, another light to follow to the night
It’s just another light *3 / to give myself, to give myself another time
Just to focus in / focus / to focus in

Desperate nights, desperate needs, in pieces that you will find
Maybe I need, to tell the night it’s some other time
Suppose it’s going, through the night *5
Going down, and then it’s gone / then it gone *3 / then it’s going down

Pick yourself up *3 / it’s so peaceful now, that I’m going
I’m so proud of being all of me *2
Always a fool and I’m so easy now *2 / now were going...
Easy now *2 / Easy going back, easy going north *3
I’ve always wanted, to be easy goin / easy goin, easy goin now

It’s so easy and flowing tonight / so move your body and your mind and the light / Move around, find the flow in the sound / keep the feeling of your feelings in your mind / take down all the walls to the ground
Easy going, loose it now, easy light / easy going *8
Track Name: where connection bonds
We spent, to keep on, on living. All of my days, is all I need.
How are you going tonight? How is the path for it now?
Is it the right, way, to focus on / on the respect now?
Is it the right way to go on listening?
Is it the right way? For you to keep on, listening all day...
Is it the right way? Am I going the right way?
It’s always a thought; I’m, going out on
Can’t seem to stop *2 but call each other roaming
Should I turn, around, break down, this plight, be so glad
to be undergoing
Midnight, come on light, turn the night, and see it
borrowing rhymes, away
From my innocence, disinclined, to stand in another line
Is it the right way / that were going? / are you going / the right way?
Are you feeling, it?
Don’t you feel right? Oh how you don’t feel right / is it from their words now / is that why you don’t feel right? / is that why you’re going wrong?
In the wrong direction / is it feelings? / That you are showing
Have you seen it crash *2 Have you seen it fall down, all of the way
Have you seen it rise now, moving south, holding out the lonely pause
Is it feeling like, a role in the middle, rising me on
Is it rolling like, the chameleon, to resist it dies, to the growing sounds
Is it rolling back in the middle of the fun?
Is it kind and real and feelings sometimes?
Do you want to crash and burn and sing?
All at the same time, all in the same life...
Do you want to burn and sing inside?
We’ll do it now, do it, in time... / before... the end *2
My... love oooo *8
Track Name: phat lines down
Back to focus on, fade the light and pieces down
Hey some guys, it’s goin right
How the easy road is lost
Stay back is holding on to love

How for peace and fucking hell are people holding on tonight?
How are all of you in society moving back into the song?
How are people getting along?
All that social media does to us is just renounce
The fact that we can’t get along with all the pieces gone

So how are you getting along?
Is it something new that you ignite, that’s goin round?
Can’t catch the foolish now
It’s broken and you don’t know how...
You’re lost and you can’t find yourself
I know I’ve done the same to myself, before

So go on now, reach for your pocket
And be in charge of all the things
You know you can’t control in time
Shooting in the lockets, pistols and bullets
Killing and blood isn’t an easy life
But easy for you to take control

Help me I’m bleeding out of these wounds *2
Bleeding out of all these wounds *2 / Bleeding out *2
Track Name: long pause
Is it something? Is it right? Excuse me baby, How is your appetite.
Is it nothing?
In the night babe... don’t be surprised, your lonesome fight,
Lost tonight, with the gentle frozen breeze
Focus on me now cold, where do you suppose it lies?
Where do you suppose it brings me?
Bringing on the night I’ll be so kind, would you be so...
glad in the middle
In line of sight, as I hold it strong,
I focus down and I room filled with eyes..
Resist it, and I know I can. Because I’ve got just one more romance. One more romance
Are you finished, itchy, are you a rose?
Do you need a bite, for is it better?
Just a night fool, just a lonely line
Is it harder now you ain’t supposed to cry
is it easy now that you’re being so kind
Focusing my eyes, just to see you fly

Is it pieces losing, hard to be going, be sunlight, light is easy going?
Is it old light, and feels like some kind of.. > daylight, daylight <

So proud of living just to hold it down> I, don’t see the focus now
Is it, going right for you? Like the old ways, riding in the middle
Like the old way, of holding back mine
Before you lie down, holding on, what’s right for you sometimes
It’s a focus on you, and I need all of the things that I needed
Just to get it right, just to focus on
on all of the things that I needed most
A long long time ago, is it just a memory of the past...
Or do I need more of the things, that you, that you, that you owe,
that you hide
That you seek, do you lie *2 did you owe *2 did you focus on *2
Do you like what you like? Do you hold on to light?
Did you will it to come?
Did you fall down like an angel... Cause I have seen it down,
I’ve seen it all rolling
And the trigger is lightened in the middle
I don’t know why, but people are rolling, singled out
like forgotten things
How do we go, how do we rise, rise from the middle of the night
Just to get a long, long, loooong, long, long, long...
long way way from home..
Long road down. All the way, from the night.. easy going, moving fight

So prove me wrong I don’t mind, but don’t see it, don’t deny
Don’t see for the lies, don’t lie in the middle, Don’t, easy now
Track Name: a last goodbye
Reunite, best friends, the nervous and unseen
Some who traced it little by little.
Some who only like it light.
Those, whom miss it now, go without it, from the oversight.
Is it freaky for you? Is it an easy going night?.. Floating dreamlike..
To reach the mellow state of mind
To be found, do the deeds. Smoke the home grown tonight.
So he rolls it singing... “Does it seek to find? Do we grow for the living?
Unlike the dead and gone. Do we work to be broken down?
controlled.” I am a free fall, maniac. So he writes it for you.
So you hold him like his gone.

Now i i got to wonder why, ive got to sit and wonder why..
You don’t really like the tale foretold, you don’t really see it now..
Is it right for you now, is it right for you to know me now
An easy sound from believing, does it focus on from you just to go

Easy down *2 from being high, it goes from down to being high
Easy down *2 all the way from being.. Nowhere tonight I will be
Easy goin now, goin easy, try ‘n’ hold it now, easy gone
Easy light, old believing *2 easy light *2
Easy light and be old from believing

Easy light *4
Oh oh oh di dize hippy yo yo from being
i drive us down and where going, we are rolling down the road
Sun is flowing down sunlight

oh oh / easy light *2 i don’t hide far from being
oh oh from being in the light
To write onto more paper about love, Ride and be moving into the light
Always seeing and being the light ... Oh, being the light *2