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0:00 fade on me
5:00 your everything
10:35 into the earth they go
15:05 walk away
18:47 before and far
25:16 moments of paradise
30:45 if the flowers were trees
35:39 joy


released May 5, 2017

All original songs created and performed
Vocals by Marc Cottrell (ELDAFYRE)

Produced by simon moro – ninety nine 100
@ Allen Eaton Studio P/L

Simon Hosford - Uke & Guitar
Craig Newman - Bass
John Clark - Percussion
Rita Seethaler - Pan Drums and Flute

Cover artwork & design by Francz Varga -



all rights reserved


ELDAFYRE Gold Coast, Australia

i am also writing a book and have artistic photography for sale.. see links for details.. enjoy :)

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Track Name: fade on me
be kind oooooh be kind oooooh / where have you been?
It’s been so long since I met you
Since we have hung around / bring light to me / bring it back
You’re light for now it seems to sing right into my soul

don’t be so surprised to know that you bring light
Its light you bring / baby oh it’s light
It’s light you bring and I know how to talk to you

oo oo oo ohhhhh it breathes *2
and the pieces that fit into the notes
I love you baby
baby its beautiful and I know it’s you

it takes many years / many months / many days / it takes many hours
Finding out all the things that you already know
you know everything will be just fine

and you know it / and you know me
and it will always be ok
focus on me / focus on you
focus on feelings being alright

fade baby / fade all on me *3
Don’t think about, all of the things, everything, they might need
Don’t think about, all of the things, everything, they might want
Fade baby / fade all on me *3
Track Name: your everything
Does it come to me like a rhythm in the sky /
I’ve got to whistle it right, I’ve got it rolling
Is it hope I need, over the seas for the missing / Is it right for you? Is it love that were missing tonight?

Does he not know how to focus down? /
Does he sing about how the pieces fall in line?
Is it real and live? Is it like holding an innocent life?
is it holding, listen and life?

Is it the flowers in the breeze? / Is it singled out by the seven seas?
Is it holding on tight more broken? / The sea, oh the sea
It’s a beautiful night

Is it the stars that you’re looking up? / In the sky glittering down..
To the innocent people, all around / All of the world, is a, beautiful thing now

It’s all I need now, love and kissing, these songs and lines
like the wolves in the sea
All I need now, is love and the seasons, open and down
holding me rolling light
I need cuddles through the night, white noise sound
a frozen wind, to listen in time
All I need is everything, All I need now, from you
is everything... Is everything.

Touching your skin, oh how I need your skin
I want to give you everything, wanna give it now
Give it to you hunny, I wanna give it to you hunny
give you my everything
I got it for your James.
I got it for you James, deep down inside

This is not a break up song, so it might not receive so well on the radio,
Don’t they won’t no one to have someone else?
Cause loves here to stay.. / Might make you stay... hang around
Track Name: into the earth they go
A got some roots, I got it tight, I got it way down,
I got it way down into the ground
They’re going, lower then you can go, they’re growin, way down..
Down those roots are growin, into the ground.

Here me, screaming out, taken, the only road I know now

My roots they are growing, down into, the ground
They going down, lower and lower now..
Into the, ground. I hii Ive seen it, there it goes, down lower
It’s growin and I know now, that I can’t, control it, can’t seem to deny or move now
I gotta go right now, way down into the ground, oh way down low
it’s not somthin that you don’t know
its a movin, best from me now, desperate speechless

Way down into the ground, its where I need to go
I descend my roots down, I need to let them grow right down
I send my roots down, into the ground
So I can, survive myself, so I can, deal with the pain, that I know now

Halt, Wait now, take it back from, I didn’t mean to
send it way down, that low

Hey hey *4
Track Name: walk away
You’ve got to find yourself / you’ve got to ease your mind
I’ve heard it before / and ill say it again
You’ve got to find yourself / you’ve got to ease your mind
I’ve heard it once before and vie got to say it again

It’s not easy to be going / it’s not easy to do it right
It’s not easy to be known / I know cause I’ve been there
I been all the way down / I been all the way down onto that road
a thousand times been here before *2

so before you take my hand and meet me
before you realise my own self
before you take me down into the night
goin down I know it ain’t easy
it ain’t easy for me now / it’s easy not, easy now *3 / it’s easy not

it’s easy not to face it / it’s easier to destroy
it’s easy for you not to see / it’s easier to be blind
it’s easy to destroy me oahh / it’s easier to destroy
so it’s easier to walk away *4

wa ooooh lk / wa ooooh lk / wa ooooh lk (walk*3)

la di do la di do *8
Track Name: before and far
What is the feeling that you get when you dance amongst the rain?
Is it all just about the feelings inside when we do the things we like?
Like dancing in the rain when people are not watching you dance
Like covering yourself with all the things...

That make... you more alive... and the more you live...
The more you strive... and more you strive... the more I sing.

I’ve got many fond memories of trees and, the sun
And the flowers that it brings
Many fond memories of love and light and dancing through the night

Now that we can see the stars, shinning above our minds tonight
The light falling down to the ground, sparkling along the way
Pushing our fingers into the sand,
Without realising or figuring in our minds, it’s just glass

We have been around for just as long as you
Doing our thing, peaceful love, amongst the trees and birds
the same as you
For as long as we can know we have grown amongst ourselves,
Some apart and some together in peaceful harmony... you’ll find
You’ll find if you try to look inside you can follow the wrong path
You’ll find if you look into the same signs that you can see the road

It’s all up to you and what you decide to do
It’s all up to what you decide that you want to do

We can learn from the past we can, we can learn from the past
We know not from the future now, the cause is always the same?
Nothing has moved forward, nothing has moved behind
It’s only changed, only changed our minds
changed in the way that we do it
We do it ohhh we do it now yeah... the bad and the good
But nothing has changed *3
But the times that we do it, but how we approach it
and how we project it, onto others
Oh it’s all the same, I see
I’ve read some books and watched some movies on YouTube

it’s the same old book *3
Might be a different title on the cover, different pictures on the pages
Be we are the same old book, Im the same old book
Track Name: moments of paradise
Oh co co ooooo oooooo *2

Happiness, where do you go? In me, where do you lie...?
Where is it gone? Where do you go?
To the happiness, and all of it. Returns with you.

Along the beach we got a piece, a piece of paradise
Set with bones and fire

It’s upon me now that you’re going
Like a piece of paradise

It’s a toon, and I got it right, for you
It’s just a piece of light
It’s just a piece of paradise
Ooooooooo oooooooo *2

Here, now, rest into
To the piece of light

Piece of paradise *5

I just a moment *3
Another minute ohh
Just another hour ohh
Just another day ohh

Two and a half weeks
52 months now
Turned into years oh now / And now my life it bounced
Bounced into life... to life
Track Name: if the flowers were trees
Walking forwards into more sun light
Towards my fears the more I see the more I like
Here I see myself face, rising to you, to love
I seem to know myself, how could it be so warm
Feel kindness and more sun light
Its soul full, could it be real love, of yours
The start of beholding the day
Why do you supposed it grows in life
To be all and whole, high and to feel so nice
Here we go, together, in the same life
Then the needle, repeated, on the same cycle, like mine
Before I seen myself

The spring song*3

You and I, where going today
We go, sending, a light, way down into the day
Where the meadows and flowers seem to dance and sing
all at the same time
Oh how they dance, together, on the same side
oh they dance, all, day
In the sun, they dance in the sun, they, grow, in light
they grow together to the skies
They grow, they grow and dance, in the sun
today, they are growing into the sky

It’s so beautiful to me*4

Oh trees, how beautiful you are to me

So I bury myself down, I’m focused now, I’m losing sight of my mind
Just about to go, don’t know why, don’t know where, Just as long as I go, into the path, onto the trees... and find myself there.

Oh ooooooo oh ooooooo
Track Name: joy
Happiness and light, like a switch that turns a pleasant light on, within me
Does it nestle all of the way across this old surf town?
Does it leave you with blessings? With all of the finer things
Does it alwayssss... make you fly... *2
You always like it, when u find it, so I believe that you know
So many, so many people. Just want to think, you see that’s your problem
You see your thinking, something now
Maybe this world owes you more then you have got to show, now
Well i tell you, it couldn’t be more / far from the truth now*2 far from it
It could be more far from the truth

From the truth that brings you joy / light *2
Oh yes, this daylight can bring you joy
Oh yes, the sun can bring joy*3
It can, bring you so much joy

Opportunities for you to find some light
Got to move, into some joy, that is available
That’s the only reason I got...

Happiness... for all my times
And Happiness... for all you people.
Joy for the days, and joy for the moments.
Joy from the nights and joy from the lightning, joy from the seasons now oh oh oh
Oh oh the joy, is overwhelming you now